About the Logo

“The Catholic Yogis” is a unique group, so we needed a unique logo.

Each element of our logo took hours of thought and design. Read on to learn the purpose behind our logo.

Logo elements

Green is the color that God reveals his love for us through the multitudes of nature. Our greenery friends provide us with oxygen to breathe. The color green was chosen to mirror the representative color of the heart chakra. Read more about Allyson’s reflections on the color green here.

The triangle pointing down to represent the three forms of the Trinity coming down to meet us on earth. Likewise, the three circles form a triangle in the opposite direction do the same. Tracing the connection between the circles over the triangle, the Star of David is present, acknowledging the Abrahamic roots of the lineage of Jesus and Catholicism. The Star is also representative of the geometric shape associated with the heart chakra.

Prayer hands lay in the center of the Star of David, resting on the base of a lotus. This gesture is also called anjali mudra and is usually taken directly in front of the heart or anahata chakra. Hands in prayer denote the prayerfulness surrounding a Catholic-based yoga practice as well as seeing yoga as more than an asana-based practice.