Who are We

About the Community, The Catholic Yogis

Whether you are a practicing Catholic, discerning Catholic, cultural Catholic, or cafeteria Catholic, you are welcome. Read about other journeys on our blog and join The Catholic Yogis group on Facebook.

About the Community Organizer, Allyson Huval

After completing her yoga teacher training, Allyson delved into researching the spiritual aspects of yoga. She founded Bethel Yogi, a blog dedicated to the intersection of yogic philosophy and Catholic theology. She is a religious literacy advocate that believes the best way to understand cultural diversity is through learning one’s spirituality. She is a registered yoga teacher, a registered children’s yoga teacher, a registered Christian Yoga Association teacher, and a certified aerial yoga teacher. 

Allyson received a bachelor of arts in both public relations and religious studies from Louisiana State University. She is attending Yale Divinity School specifically researching Christianity and Asian Religions. She hopes to continue doctoral study researching Christians who practice yoga for spiritual benefits in the United States.

About the Founder, Amy Secrist

Amy has been practicing and studying yoga for close to 25 years and has been teaching for over 17. She has studied with teachers David Swenson, Tim Miller, Jivana Heyman, and Anne Douglas among many others during her training at Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio. Amy spent the beginning of her yoga teaching journey in the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga which focuses on cleansing and healing the body by linking one posture to the next through a strong and purposeful breath. While Ashtanga provided a firm foundation for her practice, Amy has spent years exploring and teaching Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Resilience-Focused & Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Mindful Movement for Resilience, Yoga for Senior Citizens, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Veterans, and themed workshop-style classes, such as her signature series Yoga TLC.  Her formal and informal trainings and certifications in trauma-awareness, resilience, accessibility, contemplation, racial + social justice, and mindfulness enhance her ability to offer practices that meet students where they are on their journey.

Her approach to teaching is individualized as she seeks to address the needs of each student in the class making yoga accessible for all. She encourages everyone to question, experiment, and take ownership of their yoga practice by deciding what works best for them. As a teacher, Amy is clear, kind, and easy-going, challenging and supportive, contemplative and practical.

Amy offers abundant gratitude for each and every one of her teachers, their teachers, and their teachers back & forward throughout time, as well as her ancestors, guides, mentors, and all deep wisdom lineages and traditions that benefit the highest good of all.